About Me

Everyone has a dream and a passion to do something different. Even though your life is heading in a particular direction, it doesn’t mean you can’t change the route. This website is about me taking a different turn at the light. Since I was young, I have been interested in several different types of sports, and golf wasn’t one of them. I didn’t understand how hitting a little white ball across a field was considered “fun”. But when I started college, this game somehow found a place in my heart.

Everyone who knows me understands my passion for the game of golf, the love of traveling to different places and meeting complete strangers. Golf gives me that great combination that I am striving for in my life through competition. By reading golf instructional books, meeting great people, caddying at Valhalla, and watching the good old golf channel, I was able to progress pretty fast at this game. Golf is not about how hard I can hit the ball or how much money I can make, it’s simply an art that I strive to master in order to be my best.
With my determination and creativity, I want to put myself to the test.
My short terms plans include playing on the Florida Professional Golf Tour (FPGT), and the Emerald Coast Golf Tour circuits along with other events throughout the US. Please visit my tournament schedule page for upcoming tournaments.

A couple of Key tournaments I participated in are as follows…

-Winner of the Green Beer Open at Doe Valley in Brandenburg, KY (Amateur).
-Top 25 Finish at the Old Capital Invitational in Corydon, IN. (Amateur).
-15th Place in the Irvin Cobb Invitational in Paducah, KY. (Pro)
-2nd Place Finish on the West Florida Golf Tour.

Brian Owens

DOB: 05/15/1982
Hometown: Louisville, KY
Height: 6’1

Contact Info:
Email: brian@brianowensgolf.com

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