Don’t keep your head too still, let it swivel!

Keeping your head too still is one of the common reason why people can’t hit solid golf shots. Usually this type of golfer lacks weight shift to the back foot, doesn’t reach a 90 degree shoulder turn, and usually lacks a rhythmic swing. By letting your head having a little play on the backswing, all of these things become a lot easier.

We have all heard it before “turn around your spine”. That’s great advice, but players need to first understand where their spines are. If you take a look at your back, your spine runs way close to your back and up to the back of your neck than it is to the center of your body. Thus, if you keep your head still, you will not be turning around your spine and you body is not made this way.

As a drill to achieve the ideal backswing, place an alignment stick or club on the inside of your right foot. Then take another stick or club and place it across your shoulders. Try making a turn an matching these sticks parallel to each other. Does your head have to move a little to achieve this?

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