Yerkes-Dodson Law in Golf

By March 9, 2018Tips

Yerkes-Dodson Law is a law that discusses the relationship between arousal and performance and how different task have a need for different levels of arousal. Being a person that played a sport like football back in the day, I am used to getting myself amped up for competition. That is great for football, but when it comes to golf, you have to be focused more than being aroused.


Now in being aroused, that is stimulated with things we also have in our diet. For example, after having a nice cup of Starbucks coffee, I was wired, amped up, and ready to play some golf. On the range I was hitting the ball well and long. But as soon as I was called to the tee box, “boom”, the nerves kick in. I put it to you like this, I wish I had a redo after my big slice!


Other things like the music we listed to, stress, and expectations can increase our arousal. So the next time you play, lay-off the coffee, listen to jazz or mellow music, and meditate before you play to keep your focus for a nice smooth round.


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