Work on your swing in reverse (from impact to set up)

By March 9, 2018Tips

A lot of times when I am looking for something around the house (like the remote control), I will look under the couch, in a drawer, any place but the right place. So this may take 5 or 10 minutes or sometimes even the whole day.

Then my wife will come and tell me “did you check the table?” Then ahh, there it is.

In golf, impact can be the same way! We can be like a dog chasing it’s tail if we don’t look in the right places. Therefore, if you want to save a bunch of time, figure out what you are doing at impact first, understand the flaw, and do the research regarding that miss-hit.

Then make the adjustments necessary on other parts of your swing. You will be a much happier player, more confident, and will be on your way to lower scores.


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