How Big is Your Golf Ball

By March 9, 2018Tips

In golf, understanding the margin of error is always important. Sometimes that little mistake can be the reason why you missed that birdie or couldn’t make par.

According to the United States Golf Association, a golf ball should be no less than 1.68 inches in diameter. And why should you know this information? When hitting an iron, you want the club to make contact with the equator of the ball or below, in order to hit that beautiful crisp strike that delivers a consistent ball flight to the green.

The equator of a golf ball relative to the ground is a whopping .84 inches. You may say .84 inches is not much…..but wait! Go grab your ruler and take a look. You will find that the equator relative to the ground is actually more than what you may think.

So I would advise all of you golfers that hit the ground first to not be afraid of leaving a little room between your clubface and the ground. I promise you that you will not pull up and top the ball, but instead compress and hit that clean shot that will make you smile!


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