Ball Position and Stance Width Go Hand in Hand

By March 9, 2018Tips

You always hear “put the ball in the back of your stance”! Especially with your short irons and wedges. But what if you stand really wide and have a sand wedge in your hand and place it in the back of your swing? You might as well say “Hello push block or shank”. Or if you have a driver with a really narrow stance, then place the ball forward.

You will tend to lose your balance and have a very steep swing. That being said, not only do you have to worry about the ball position but also the width of your swing.

The good news is that it is simpler than you think. The ball position relative to the inside of your left heel (right heel for left handed golfers) should be the same. The shorter the club you have, the narrower the stance and vice versa.

Everyone is different on how wide or how narrow of a stance you have with each club, thus, this is where practice is needed. Once you go through all of your clubs, figure out a way to check this position on a daily basis to achieve better ball striking.


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