2 Ways to Improve your Takeaway

The takeaway in your golf swing is one of the most simple steps, yet more “sensitive” portion of anyone’s golf swing and can be often overlooked. The biggest role of the takeaway is to position yourself in the most repetitive motion. The only way you can do this is with your big muscles and weight shift.

Now as every one knows, your hands are not considered to be those big muscles. Your big muscles are your back, chest, and core. All of these muscles don’t have that “fast twitch” in them and will make things feel more smooth and consistent. This is vital for an effortless, repetitive swing.

To be consistent, you also need to have good weight shift to provide momentum. You need to start off 50/50 with your irons and feel a 10% shift (60/40) favoring more weight on your right foot. And with your driver you should start off with 60/40 and at the top of your swing have 80/20 favoring more weight on your back foot.

So the next time you are on the range, focus on turning your back and shift your weight to start the club back instead of using your hands. Everything will seem more effortless in your future rounds.


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