Brian Owens Golf Instruction If you are tired of the same old style of Golf Lesson “Stand here, look down, keep your head still…blah, blah, blah”, then you came to the right place.

With my proven strategies, easy to follow instructions, and having fun with the process, I will have you playing at the best of your ability in no time! I teach players of all ages and all levels. If you are just getting started, don’t be shy, let’s get out and have some fun with this little ball!

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  • Donald Robinson says:

    I’ll get with you for a few lessons. I would like to get my 13 year old started as well.

  • Jack Fox says:

    Nice to meet you today at the golf session for internationals at SMBC. You were great with the people. Hope we cross paths again. I asked Barry Rodgers to put you on the email list to notify you when the next outing will be with the SMBC folks. Any time you are interested, you will be welcome.

  • Andrew Pleasant says:

    This is inspiration for guys like me who are trying to get into the professional industry. This is awesome.

  • Bill Perkins says:

    Just wanted to stop by and say Thank you! With just one session with you I dropped 7 strokes off my score the very next round! Your knowledge and communication of what I need to do in the golf swing is second to none! Can’t wait to see where you can help me take my game! Anyone reading this if you want to play better golf give Brian a call!!!

  • Derek Queener says:

    Brian has been my instructor for several months and has reduced my handicap from a 12.8 to a 6.6. Big difference! I’ve shot a round of 72 and many in the mid to high 70’s. I highly recommend giving this guy a shot. He’s amazing!

  • Omari Sheehy says:

    Brian helped me with my ball strikig and improved my game immensely. Because of his teaching I love the game more than even. My lessons were never rushed and I never felt that he was going through the motions unlike other lessons I’ve had. I give Brian all the credit for the improvements in my game. 5 stars!!!

  • Keith Basler says:

    Brian is one of the best coaches I’ve trained with. I needed a new swing coach after I moved to Florida. I used to shoot mid to upper 70s 10 years ago but haven’t had much time for the game over the past several years and my swing suffered. He changed my swing dramatically and tailored it specifically to me. The same swing doesn’t work for every golfer. He looked at my swing habits and characteristics and worked around that. I’m back to shooting low 80s consistently and finally broke into the 70s a couple weeks ago. I recommend Brian to anyone.

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